Multimedia / Smart Classrooms:

Tele-Measurements has recently installed over 1200 "Smart" and "Interactive" Classroom Systems in New Jersey.

Smart Board Series 600i Interactive Whiteboard Systems

Lively Lessons

With the SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard systems, you can take your students to the heart of learning. Combining a short-throw Unifi 45 projector and a SMART Board 680 interactive whiteboard, the 600i allows you to easily incorporate multimedia elements, such as videos and interactive demonstrations. The system makes lessons more appealing and encourages active participation.

Complete Control

The 600i is convenient, economical tool and has features specifically designed to help you to make the most out of your class time. The system starts up quickly with the push of a button, and the control panel allows you to add and switch between classroom peripherals, such as laptops, DVD players and digital cameras you don’t need to use a remote control.

Combining true color with high levels of brightness and contrast, the 600i provides a clear, crisp image and when you add an optional speaker system, the 600i becomes a complete multimedia center, creating a focal point where everyone can hear, see and participate. 

Our Series 600i is a highly affordable integrated solution for classrooms it simplifies lesson planning and intensifies classroom engagement.  We have two very successful configurations which have received special awards for their cost savings and “SMART” Classroom ease of use. They combine the leading configurations of the “SMART” White Boards and Software with better packaging & safety features of the 3M super close projection Systems.

Multiple configuration 1&2 Systems Installation & 3 year maintenance agreement are available at a reduced cost. Call TMI for best Pricing & Delivery